Datadog Partnership

Parsectix, proudly the first Datadog partner in Cyprus, joins forces with Datadog to redefine the landscape of data excellence. In our collaboration with Datadog, Parsectix provides insights into your organization’s technology and applications at scale.

Together, we drive IT and cloud optimization through real-time observability and monitoring, aiding in achieving crucial business goals. Datadog, a sophisticated monitoring tool, excels in assessing performance metrics for infrastructure and the cloud, offering access to expert management.

Rely on Parsectix for a seamless Datadog implementation tailored to your operational needs.

Pioneering In Data Management And Analytics

Collaborative Ecosystem

Datadog thrives in a collaborative ecosystem, fostering partnerships that bring additional tools, solutions, and expertise to boost the overall capabilities of the Datadog platform.

Comprehensive Monitoring Portfolio

Datadog offers a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools, covering a wide range of data and application metrics, ensuring businesses have a holistic view of their operations.

Cost Optimization

Datadog provides cost-effective data monitoring solutions, offering flexible pricing models and tools to help businesses maximize the value of their data investments.

Innovation In Analytics

Datadog is a pioneer in continuous innovation, introducing new features and improvements to keep businesses at the forefront of data analytics and insights.

Intelligent Alerting

Datadog’s alerting system allows users to set up intelligent alerts based on predefined thresholds or anomaly detection, ensuring timely notification of critical issues.

Interactive Dashboards

Datadog streamlines the creation of customizable dashboards, promoting collaboration by consolidating key metrics and visualizations.

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Datadog Partner Tier

  • Basic Tier Services


  • Datadog Services Reseller
  • Datadog Managed Services Provider
  • Datadog Consultant / Systems Integrator
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